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I live in india and it has 70% of the population involved in agriculture.Still,the production rate in India is much less as compared to smaller countries.The reason being lack of Technology in farming.Today,I will be presenting a simple but effective idea to indicate water level in paddy fields.This was designed by my dad.

Farmers have to stand by their fields when the water fills in the paddy.Few extra drops and thier months of hard work goes vain.So why not make a water level indicator..But it should be cheap and Durable too.

Step 1: Materials Required..

1.Magnetic Switch

2.Styrofoam or any type of floater


4.9v battery


Step 2: How a Magnetic Switch Works?

The magnetic switch works on the principle that two strips of conductors are separated initially,when the magnet is brought near it they get attracted due to magnetic induction and hence allow flow of current.

Step 3: The Circuit..

1.Cut the thermocol in a circular shape.

2.Attach the magnetic switch to it and the battery.

3.The circuit is really easy you just have to connect the battery magnetic switch and the beeper in series as illustrated in image 3.

Step 4: Testing

Now dip the floater in water and when it rises the beeper starts to ring.

This helps in quick and precise water level identification.

Step 5: Additional:For the Opposite Function..

If you want the device to function in the opposite way i.e it should beep when water level falls below a certain level.Then,use a sinker instead of a floater.

The switch in in open position as illustrated in image 1.

The switch is in closed position as illustrated in image 2.

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