Introduction: Low Cost Scrap Wood Lamp

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Scrap's everywhere. And it's amazing just what you can create with it!

Step 1: Collect Your Scrap Wood Stash

We started with an idea in the drawings, just a hope that it would turn out how we envisioned. So we set about making one side with scrap wood, wood glue, and clamps, and nails. Nope...we didn't even have a nail gun yet!

Step 2: Side 1

We kept on adding until we were happy with the result for side 1.

Step 3: 4 Sides

And we continued until we had 4 sides made. Now the trick is getting them together. It took the 2 of us to put it together. Pick up sides 1 and 2 and screw them together at the join where they meet. Then continue with each side that way.

Step 4: Alright Mr. Demille, I'm Ready for My Close-up!

We love her!

Step 5: In Situ

She now hangs in one of our sustainable reuse interior design projects - a multi-use conference room for the City of Gothenburg (Sweden).

Try one for yourself! You'll love the results! If you want to see the entire interior project, hop over to:

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