Introduction: Low Gravity Growth Chamber

I have designed this growth chamber for use in space. It uses fusion 360, which I use as a student. it incorporates light which are spaced evenly throughout the chamber so the plant grows into all the available space so that there is more plant for less volume

Step 1: The Base

For the base, I wanted to have a good use of the space allowed. This meant using a square frame with a hole made for a water tank (step 2) and soil. It also needed a hole for a water hose (5 mm) and it would in a future time have a hinge for the lid.

Step 2: The Water Reservoir

The water tank is a formed object which has a hole that lines up with that on the base. it is a sort of cuboid to maximise volume as well as being only 1 mm thick.

Step 3: The Water Pipe

As this will be used in micro-gravity, I do not need to use a pump for the water; it will float up the tube and into the air around the plants anyway. The total diameter is 5 mm, do it can just be inserted into the hole and glued in place.

Step 4: Lid

To leave room for the hinges and clip, this part will be only be 38.5/40 cm high. It would made of clear acrylic and have small 0.5 mm holes for air intake. attached to the insides, in a 3D grid, would be LEDs, attached to a battery, with heat shrink over the connections. this would encourage the plants not only to grow upwards, but to grow out, down and in between as well.