Introduction: Low Profile Bit Holder

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Sometimes you need to get into a small space with a screwdriver. While my Wiha bit set had an extension that worked nicely, I didn't have anything to get into much smaller spaces, so I made one!

What I came up with features a magnetic base to securely hold your bits, as well as a knurled surface (video includes a brief clip about how to accomplish knurling on a cylinder).

Step 1: Print and Assmeble

If you'd like your own, all you have to do is print it out based on the STL found here and obtain items outlined below:

Once printed, you'll need to press a pair of magnets into the non-hex side of the holder. I used the spindle of my milling machine, but there are many ways to do this.

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Step 2: Use


The driver makes a nice way to get into really tight spaces, and could certainly have other uses. If nothing else, I was glad to finally learn how to make a knurled surface.