Introduction: Low Water Gardening Palm

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palm tree in a pot

Step 1: Prepare the Seed

purchase date at the supermarket

take the seeds and wash with water, soak for 24 hours

clean the remaining flesh put in plastic bottles / place could be closed Open and close every 3 days

Step 2: Planting Seeds

after approximately 15 days the seeds will pop roots

prepare polybags filled with sand
move seeds into a polybag

place it in the shade

not exposed to the sun

Step 3: Moving to Pot

prepare a pot with planting medium sand
after growing two leaves move to pot

Step 4: Root Pruning

after growing up to do root pruning

remove the tree from the pot

do root pruning washing roots fill the pot with sand and insert the tree in the pot

note: I do not have a picture for this step

Low Water Gardening Challenge 2016

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Low Water Gardening Challenge 2016