Introduction: Low-budget Sign

About: My name is Omer, I'm an industrial designer and I love to create things. In my free time I work on all kinds of fun projects.

My dear wife opened a new business called "santa succulenta", she grows Succulents...

she needed a sign that will reflect her vision of using recycled materials.

I've decided to use an old piece of wood from an old pallet so it would feel closer to earth.

Step 1:

I've edited the logo in a graphic software and I've adjusted the letters to a size that fits the board nicely. because of its size, I had to split the logo into 2 pages (A3) and overlap it so that it would be easy to match the letters.

Step 2:

I've cut the inside of the letters with a sharp knife, and made sure to

leave the center of the letters if they needed a "bridge". for example: the letter A.

Step 3:

I've cleaned the dust and dirt from the board surface before i added masking tape stripes.

I've took the stencil (from step 2) and laid it on the masking tape and carefully marked with pencil all the contours of the letters.

I've took a sharp knife and made cuts on the pencil marks, then I've peeled the letters out.

now all that I needed to do is to pick a color and go over the letters with a brush.

Step 4:

Painting time !

I've waited for the paint to dry - usually the Drying time is written on the can.

then I removed all the masking tape and discovered the beautiful golden letters,

I've inserted two screws on the back of the board, added an iron wire and the sign is finished !


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