Introduction: Low-cost ROBOT Gripper Hand

This is a GRIPPER hand made from only 2 servo motors & very common hardware items that could be bought easily.This is a home made project & I hope you like it!

Step 1: Find the Parts

To do this home project you will need the following item

  • Small POLYCARBONATE sheet.(I used leftover stuff )
  • NUTS & BOLTS and matching WASHERS (I used 2 sizes of it)
  • Different colored wires (I used old CAT 5 cable wires & normal electrical wires)
  • 2 nos square small ERASERS
  • LED bulbs (2 colors) & 1k ohm (1/4 watt) resistors.
  • OLD used tooth brushes (for the ARMS)
  • TOOLS - ( Drill / screwdrivers / soldering iron & lead etc / blades / saw etc)
  • Arduino UNO card or compatible board & PC to program it with. (as I will show you a mega 2560 can also be used as well)
  • 5V POWER supply (3 Amps)
  • plastic wire ties

Optional Items - (NOT mandatory at all)

1) small CCTV camera module - (I connected it to a TV Capture card to get a close up view of the ARM in action)

Step 2: Assembley

Use the picture as a guide to assemble the hand & wire it to a 5V DC PSU & a UNO. The code to open & close the hand can be written using Arduino's Stepper library!