Lowering a Bagged BRZ

Introduction: Lowering a Bagged BRZ

today i am going to how lower your Brz's ride height and all aired out height

Step 1: What You Should Have

Starting out, you want to make sure you have the right tools. Make sure you have a torque wrench, car jack, 4 car stands, a variety of sockets and wrenches, and the bag adjuster that came with the bags. Then measure while the car is on the ground aired out how much lower or higher you will want it

Step 2: Jacking Up Your Car

Make sure the car is on a flat surface, then put the car jack underneath the car. Once it is in the position it needs to be in to lift the car, raise it. If you don't know how to jack a car I recommend maybe starting with a smaller project. once your car is sideways in the air put the stands on the cars main chassis and the ground (repeat on the other side)

Step 3: Air Lines

Once the car is up, open the hood of the car and the trunk. Once the hood is open, disconnect the manifold lines going to the bags (make sure there is no air in the bags or tank). Take off the wheels and don't forget which wheels go where.

Step 4: How Low Do You Want It?

Now loosen the lock ring on the strut, put it to the desired height you want to lower your car.

Step 5: Twist Twist Twist

Now all you have to do is twist your bag clockwise to lower or counter clockwise to go raise.

Step 6:

Once the wheel hub connector is at the lock ring, tighten the ring and you are almost ready to put your car on the ground.

Step 7: Tighten the Lock Nut

Now all you have to do is connect your lines, put the wheels on your car, and put it on the ground.

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