Introduction: Lucio Gun 3D Printed With Real Speakers From Overwatch

I'm totally addicted at the Overwatch game and a big lover of the weapon inside of that game, so i decide after did different props from Overwatch to work on the Lucio Gun

Step 1: Create the Design

First thing's create the 3d model of the props, i search online for some reference and thanks to the reference kit of Blizzard i was able to create the 3d model of the gun from scratch(you can find my 3D model on my Patreon After posting some pictures of the render on social a lot of you people ask me if the gun will have real speaker, so i decide to put edit the design and make the space for the speaker and the electronics parts.

Step 2: 3D Print All the Parts

For this Project i use my Ultimaker 2+ with Dark Grey PLA from FormFutura(You can have a 15% discount on FormFutura filament using this code FNTSMN-15-FFT here

I slice all my part using Simplify 3D using a an average of 7% infill with a 0.25mm layer height and i start to print all the parts. Depends from the setting you will use to print a full size Lucio gun will take you from 80 to 100 hours of print.

Step 3: Sanding and Glue All the Parts Together

After i printed all the parts i started to sand them down with 80 grit sandpaper, be sure to clean well all the parts after this process to remove all the dust.

Next step was to glue all together, for this process i used Epoxy glue and superglue, i always cover the surface with Epoxy leaving some free spot where i will put some super glue in this way when i will glue the parts together the 2 piece will stay in position because super glue dry quickly and the epoxy take more time. I design some little pin to help me during this process and i start glue everything.

Step 4: Filling Gaps, Apply Z-poxy and Primer

It's time to close all the little gaps or imperfection, for this process i used Milliput and i let it dry during the night, the next day i use always 80 grit sandpaper to clean the surface from the excesses of milliput, then i clean again the surface to remove the dust so i could apply Z-poxy on top.

Z-poxy is a finishing resin you will find 2 bottle in the box one is resin and the other is hardener you will mix them in equal amounts and apply on top of the model, the working time is around 20-30 minutes and the cures take around 3 hours.

After the Z-poxy cure you are ready to sand again everything and after give a coat of filling primer. At this point you can understand if your model have some imperfection and you can fix it with 320 grit sand paper and filling primer and you can repeat this process until you are happy with the final result of the surface.

Step 5: Painting

Finally is time to paint the model, i decide to paint the gun with the Gold skin, so i mask all the parts that wasn’t gold with some tape and i use a gold spray paint, i did to coat of gold.

After everything was well dried i removed carefully the tape and start to paint all the other parts with a brush and an airbrush with acrylic paint. Remember if you will use the airbrush the paint need to have a really liquid consistency.

When i was enough happy with the paint job i seal and gloss the gun using some varnish.

Step 6: Electronics Parts

Now is time to work on the electronics parts, i used a guide on Adafruit ( were they did a circuit for use the speaker and be able to plug your phone to play music.

Before start to wiring everything i need to grind the 2 speaker because they have a square metallic plate and i need them in a circular shape.

Was really easy put all the circuits together and i decide to be able to disconnect the speaker from the board so i can have access inside the gun and would be more easy to move the gun without damage them.

I apply velcro inside the gun to be able to stick and remove the battery pack and i did the same for the speakers.

Step 7:

Now you are ready to have your Lucio Gun with real speaker and create your amazing cosplay or just use it at some party to play your favorite music, just plug your phone or mp3 and have fun!

Of course i went around London with the gun to make some cool picture with it, i’m really proud of this design and remember if you want to print this model, just go over my Patreon( and you will find there the files.

Hope you enjoy this guide! Hope you will subscribe on my youtube channel and maybe try to make one.