Introduction: Luck's Running Out - Game

This is a game of speed and chance, much like hot potato, the clover gets passed around until the song and animation end. This game is most fun when it is combined with a short task to complete before passing the clover.

I am not a tech savvy person, but this is an easy project to create. I used Makecode to program the Circuit Playground Express with the game, then attached the CPE disc to the clover. The USB port on the disc can still be accessed, in case you want to reprogram the game at any time.


- A computer to access the free website, Makecode.

- A Circuit Playground Express with USB cable.

- 3 AAA batteries and battery holder

- 2 Sheets of green felt

- Pillow stuffing

- Green embroidery thread and needle.

- 3 Buttons

- A small rubber band

- Scissors

Step 1: Program the Circuit Playground Express

Open Makecode at

Go to the Circuit Playground Express icon and start a new project. You will see the code options on the left, start building the code as follows...

1. Open "Input" drag the ON block into your workspace.

2. All the other blocks will nest inside the ON block.

3. "SET delay" is a variable you will create in the variables blocks. The delay is the feature that controls the random countdown.

4. Within the delay block you will nest the math block; I used the #'s 0, 3000 milliseconds.

5. The "While" block is what plays during the game; ours has animation and sound.

6. The last three blocks outside the "While" block are the animation and sound that happen when the game is over and time has run out.

7. Save and download the code file. Plug in the CPE with the USB cable. Open the downloads folder and drag the code file onto the icon (usually a disc or eject symbol on the left side of the menu) for your CPE.

8. Done! Test the game by pressing "reset" on the CPE. Press the A button to run the game. Now you can run the game using the battery pack.

Step 2: Making the Clover

I traced a clover shape onto the felt and cut out 2 clovers.

Step 3: Button Back That Holds the Battery Pack

I cut a slit in the back of the clover to allow the battery pack to be removable.

The opening can be closed using a rubber band.

The black button is an anchor inside the clover, the green buttons are on the outside.

Step 4: Sew and Stuff

Sew the clover edges and stuff with some pillow stuffing.

Step 5: Sew the CPE to the Clover

Cut a small hole under the CPE, to allow the wire from the battery pack can come through the front of the clover.

Sew the CPE to the clover.

The battery pack can be inserted into the clover and attached to the CPE.

I used a scrap of felt to cover the battery pack opening (under the button closure).

Step 6: Done!

Yay! You have completed the project.

Now gather some friends to play Luck's Running Out!

Step 7: Another Version of the Game

This game is made of three felt dynamite sticks and a felt strap. It's the bomb.