Introduction: Lucky Ship Cat

Hi! While learning about historic sailor superstitions in camp, I had campers make this fantastic lucky cat to put aboard little wooden ships we also made.


pipe cleaners

glue gun

Victorian cat heads to print and cut out

Step 1: Head and Arms

Take a pipe cleaner, any color and make an upside down U. Next, twist one side over the other so you have a circle that will be the head that gets glued to the cat head.

Step 2: Body and Legs

Take a second pipe cleaner and put over the first twist you made at the "neck" under the head. Bend the second one over the neck and begin twisting both sides together to form the body. Try to make sure the legs are even.

Step 3: Tail

Use 1 more pipe cleaner and put over the neck just like the body and legs pipe cleaner. This time, instead of twisting the 2 parts together, pull one part of the pipe cleaner straight down the back of the body for the tail. Use the other 1/2 of the same pipe cleaner to wrap around the body. This will attach the tail and make the body thicker.

Step 4: Face

Now your cat is ready for a face. Just find one you like, cut it out, and hot glue it to the head part of your cat. I found my free picture at

Now your cat is ready for action!

Step 5: Extras

Optional: you can add plastic straw cut to desired length to stabilize arms and legs. You can also add beads for elbows and knees for support when bending, like on the cat in the picture. You could also make different cool animals using other Victorian animal heads or even your own family's faces. Give it a try, post if you make it, and please vote for me for the summer camp contest!

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