Introduction: Lucky Skateboard

Lucky belongs to everyone. My skateboard is named lucky. It is made by simple materials with simple but practical methods through modeling software.

Step 1: Build the Basic Board

The backplane contains three components:

The cuboid body is 640*90*10 The edge of the semicircle is 2*90*10 Rotate the two semicircles by 22.5 degrees towards the main long plate Design the plate surface with precise measurement, make it symmetrical on the left and right sides, and assemble it

Step 2: Make Bottom Bearing

Take rectangle, ring, cylinder and triangular prism, measure their true size and splice them according to their true shape to make them perfectly connected, as shown in the figure

Step 3: Making Wheels

Take one cylinder and two rings, design the rings on the cylinder according

Step 4: . Assemble

. Assemble the bearing and wheel to form a base2. Make two copies3. Combine the main body with the shaft wheel to form a skateboard

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