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Introduction: Luggage Tags, Name Tags, Leather Tags

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Somehow I ended up with a few of these buckles/clips and had a lot of leather pieces in my pile of stuff.
So I decided to make luggage tags that came up looking very good.

Step 1: Luggage Tags - Leather

All you need are buckles/clips, leather, rivets, rivet gun, and a soldering Iron.

You can also stitch them if you don't have rivets.

Step 2: Cut Leather

While your soldering iron is warming up, write on the tag the information with a regular ink pen.

The handwritten information will serve as a guide when you trace it with the soldering iron.

Cut strips of leather to fit the width of the bucke/clip and to a desired length that will allow you to write the information you want to display.

Now days, my cell number is all I need to display. So I just wrote my first name and my cell number on the tags.

The display I'm showing also makes reference to the days when I was in the U.S. Army.

Step 3: End Product

Once you have traced the information with the soldering iron, you can insert the leather and install a rivet at the tip of the tag.

Since the buckles/clips can swivel, I write the same information on both sides of the tags, this is nice because the information is always displaying no matter what.

Display your custom made tags.

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