Introduction: Lumi Inkodye Shopping Bag

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I wanted to make a personalized shopping bag for myself using the Lumi Inkodye and a canvas bag found at the local arts and crafts store. You will notice that most of the "Green" shopping bags you find at the grocery stores are still nothing more than thin cloth like bags impregnated with a bunch of plastic to make them thick.

I have found myself loosing these bags or using them for carrying things other than groceries ending up tearing them and tossing them out making the whole environmental reasoning pointless. 

Maybe if I make a personalized shopping bag with a photo of my dog on it, I will use it and not destroy it.

Step 1: Convert and Print Image

Find an image you want to use on your shopping bag and upload it to the image editor Pixlr

Choose >> Adjustment >> Desaturate 
Choose >> Adjustment >> Invert
Choose >> File >> Save

Save your image to your computer where you can find it and print it on your Lumi Ink Paper as the directions instruct

Step 2: Ink It!

I used blue painters tape to outline where I wanted the photo so I could cut down in bleeding and so i could tape the negative down to the bag. I applied blue Lumi Ink, wiped off extra globs and taped the negative down.

Lay it out in the sun for 20 mins...

Step 3: See Your Results!

Bring your new grocery bag indoors, remove the negative, and give it a wash using the Lumi Inko wash and go shopping sporting your new shopping bag!
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