Introduction: Lumi Power Supply

I love the Lumi toilet brush but I wasn't loving replacing the AA batteries every couple months! Plus the little screw on the battery cover was getting stripped. So I modified the Lumi base to use an old USB power supply. No more batteries!

USB devices use 5 volts dc, about the same amount of power as the 3 AA batteries inside the Lumi base.

You can double check the output of your USB power supply, it will have small writing showing the output power.


1 USB power supply (like an old cell phone charger)

Soldering iron

Drill & small-ish (7/64" or 1/8") drill bits

Step 1: First, Find a Micro USB Cable & Charger You Aren't Using Anymore

  1. Find a USB cable you aren't using anymore.
  2. Clip off the small end.
  3. Carefully strip the sheathing until you have about 3 inches of wires sticking out.

Step 2: Next, Dust Off Your Soldering Iron

  1. Determine the positive wire, it should be orange or red.
    1. If your wire doesn't have an orange or red cable. Plug in the usb cable and use a volt meter to determine which wire is positive. A digital volt meter will show a negative symbol if it's reversed.

  2. Solder the positive wire to the top left flat battery contact.
  3. Solder the negative wire to the bottom right spring battery contact.
  4. Trim excess wire to ensure the wires don't touch anything else.

Step 3: Add a Knot

Make sure the wires can't be pulled out by adding a knot to the inside of the compartment before you seal it up.

You're done! No more batteries! Plug it in and test it.

Step 4: Finally, Add Some Ventilation

Important! This may seem obvious but DO NOT USE BATTERIES AND USB POWER AT THE SAME TIME!

It's either batteries or USB power... NOT BOTH.

I don't know about you but my battery compartment held moisture... so I drilled some vent holes.

I also drilled a few holes at the top of the battery cover to hold the cable tight and still be able to close the battery cover to protect everything inside.

Now you're really done!