Lumi Build Day - at Un/Loquer Hackerspace

Introduction: Lumi Build Day - at Un/Loquer Hackerspace

About: Un/loquer hackerspace 2009-2013 Hackerspace localizado en Medellín, Colombia. Los miembros de un/loquer aportamos a este mundo re-definiendo la tecnología de manera creativa. Conformamos un laboratorio en d…

We experiment with a few non-tradicional materials over the lumi inkodye. It works great, look at the video

In the video we show all the easy steps to get a beautiful print. Also we show all the posibilities that the lumi let us, like playing with lenses and material that you normally don't use.

Here in latin america is tradicional to wash the clothes by hand and dry they at the sun. It alter a little the final result because while the t-shirts was drying the inkodye remains active, perhaps it is due to the material was no correctly removed in the washing process.

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