Lumi Canvas or T-shirt

Introduction: Lumi Canvas or T-shirt

We decided to let the kids try their hand at drawing their own designs and then printing them out.

What you need:

Transparency Sheets
Sharpies or other dark, thick markers
T-shirt or 8x10" canvas
Lumi Inkodye
Foam brush

Using your markers, draw any design you want on the transparency sheet.  The thicker the lines the better as we found that thin lines did not work as well as designs with thicker outlines & shading.

Prepare your t-shirt or canvas with the Lumi Inkodye:  Use your foam brush to apply the dye to the t-shirt or canvas.  Once the dye is on your surface, use a paper towel to blot the excess.

Take your finished transparency sheet and your t-shirt or canvas outside.  Place the sheet on your shirt or canvas and be sure to tape down the sides so there are no gaps between your printing surface and your design sheet. 

Put in a sunny place and wait 10-15 minutes and you're done.

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