Introduction: Luminaire With Pallets and Candle

Lamp made with pallets of debris and scented candles.

Materials needed:

- 02 pieces of pallet wood 10x40cm
- 02 central wooden cubes pallets
- 02 candles rechaud model
- 08 screws
- Wood Sanding
- Drilling machine
- Drill saw glass or flat 38mm

- Chisel Hammer

Step 1: Measuring and Cutting Parts

Measure the parts and the cutting. Be careful not to leave any nail in the wood.

Step 2: Sanding Parties

Sand the parts with care. I first used sandpaper 60 and then sandpaper 80 to give a better finish.

Step 3: Fit for Sailing

Check the hub center for the fitting of candles.

The candle type rechaud used measures 3.5cm in diameter. As I did not have a boring drill, I used a drill 38mm hole saw to make the fitting of the sail. It is perfect.

Step 4: Removing the Core

Remove the candle fit the kernels using a chisel carefully and then give a finish with a fine sandpaper wood, I used sandpaper No. 80.

Step 5: Joining the Parts

To falicitar the joint, drill the holes with a first drill and then screw the cubes on the side woods.

The distance between a cube and another should not be too small, because the candle flame may burn the cube that are on top.

Step 6: Final Product

To give a better finish and protection, you can spend a varnish or paint your piece.

Also, you can increase the size of the luminaire putting more cubes. For it will have to increase the size of the laterals.

Best wishes and good work!

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