Lunchbox Arcade

Introduction: Lunchbox Arcade

This is my portable Rasperry Pi arcade.

Step 1: The Lunchbox I Wish I Had in School!

So I have read a lot of posts about unusual and portable arcade machines and wanted to make one that was compact and functional. I also wanted to make something that the "middle school me" would have wanted. This is actualyl the second version of this arcade. At first I used a 4.5" rear-view camera as a screen, but this took up too much space when the lid was collapsed, so I upgraded to a 7" lcd. The smaller screen was fun, but not practical for frequent play. I also upgraded to a small power strip with usb ports instead of running individual power cables for the screen and pi out of the lunch box. I also added a small plug and play speaker instead of using my headphones or running an audio cable out to an ipod dock.

I still would like to make a more "finished" looking product and include a power cable port in the back or side so I don't have to hang that chord over the side. I am also not entirely sure how well the ribbon cable from the lcd screen will hold up to the wear of being opened and closed.

I hope that someone uses this a jump off to something even better.

Step 2:

I am happy to try and answer any questions about materials, but can offer little to no support about programming the pi. I had a friend graciously take the lead on that. Big shout out to Stank Nana for enduring my lack of knowledge. Thanks

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    Jeph Diel
    Jeph Diel

    5 years ago

    very neat! if you still have the stuff from the backup monitor, they usually have a nice round power input that can be cut loose and used as your power input. all you have to do is take a usb to micro usb wire, cut it in half, plug the micro usb into the Pi(or wherever you power is coming from), and solder the usb end into th e male end of the screen power cord. If it didn't have a power cord the same could be done with the composite video input port.