Luscious Lemon Sorbet - With a Kick




Introduction: Luscious Lemon Sorbet - With a Kick

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This is a sweet lemon sorbet with a beautiful hot sauce kick

Its very smooth, when you take a spoonful you get the cold sweet sensation of the ice and sugar followed by the the sour taste of the lemon finished off with a warm ( to fiery) kick at the end.

If you have never had hot flavoured ice cold sorbet before then the new feelings are are very different, exciting and unforgettable
I will never forget my first hot favoured sorbet - Coconut and fresh chili ............but that's another instructable, We are playing with hot sauce today.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can control how hot the 'kick' is - you can experiment with the recipe. This is also a great dessert for that special person you know who puts hot sauce on EVERYTHING. If you are a hot sauce connoisseur you can use different brands to see which sauces delicate under tones lend themselves to this recipe

Step 1: What You Need


1 cup water
1 cup fresh lemon juice ( store bought is fine if you can get fresh)
1 cup of granulated sugar
Hot sauce
Zest of 1 lemon
1 fresh lemon to serve the sorbet with


Measuring cups
Ice Cream Machine - Don't worry if you don't have one - I will show you how to kick it old school because I have no access to an ice cream machine
Plastic containers

Spoon to eat with

Step 2: Boil

Combine water, sugar and hot sauce in pan

Taste to see how hot the syrup is and adjust if necessary.

Bring to a boil.

Boil until the sugar is fully incorporated

Step 3: Add Lemon

Add the lemon zest to the lemon juice while your waiting for the sugar water and hot sauce to boil

Step 4: Making It Icy

Add the lemon juice and zest mix to the syrup 

Allow to cool

Throw this liquid in to the ice cream machine and set according to the instructions

If you dont have an Ice cream machine then I feel for you because I know your pain.

SO here is how to make sorbet the old fahioned way. You need a blender or a fork and a good set of arm muscles

Put the syrup in to a plastic container and cover

Throw the container in to the freezer, forget about it for an hour

Take it out and blend with a fork or blender - make sure you break up the ice crystals. work fast so your syrup does not warm up
don't blend for too long because the heat from the blender motor will melt your precious sorbet.

Put back in the freezer and forget about it for 2 hours

Take it out and blend with a fork or blender

Put it back in the freezer and forget for another 2 hours

Take it out and blend with a fork or blender

Buy this stage ( the 3rd or 4th blending) it should be sorbet consistency. If it is not then give it another 2 hours and repeat. The aim is not to let it freeze solid straight away. Buy letting it freeze a little and breaking the crystals you are creating that lovely fluffy sorbet consistency.

Step 5: Serve

Cut a lemon in half or take a garnishing tool and get all fancy.
Put the sorbet in to the hollowed out lemon 

(or eat it from the container you froze it in!)


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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I always add an ounce or two of vodka and it doesn't freeze all the way. You can use all different kinds of fruit juice or slurried fruit and have great home made desserts with the amount of sugar you want. Good 'ible.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I guess they are sort of like jello shots. The great thing about sorbets is that you can make them from almost any fruit and in no time at all. People with milk intolerance can have their cold deserts too.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm going to make a Lime Sorbet/Gratina for Oysters on the half shell.

    Thanks for the inspiration!