Lux Meter Using VELM6040

Introduction: Lux Meter Using VELM6040

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This project reads the values of velm6040 sensor,convert them in lux,and display it in 3 different ways,as described above in image.

Senstivity of the sensor can be toggled with the push buttons

there are also pushbuttons for "freezing" the display and toggle the led,on-off

Step 1: Hardware

The hardware consists of

arduino nano

ssd1306 based i2c-128x32 oled

velm6040 sensor,


3 pushbuttons and optocoupler (817c) with 220 ohm resistor


2 push button and a toggle switch.

choose your flavor

Step 2: The Code

the code was wirtten in arduino ide

I've left a lot of comments in the code so that ,hopefully those who want to modify it, will find it easy to do so.


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