Introduction: M1911.45

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Well, I got quite a bit of requests to post this, so I will.
Before I go into pros and cons I need to tell you that this is a single shot, and it DOESNT have a mag in the handle. 

Looks awesome
Trigger that blocks far back
quite low part use
has a bullet lock

Trigger is kinda different (rather than listening to a trigger click once, this one has to click twice)
Uses a lot of Y clips (not a problem for me)
Handle plates fall off sometimes (can be fixed with an elastic)

Note: this gun uses three broken white rods (two optional) and a green rod cut in half. And two broken Y clips are optional. A broken orange connector is also required. (Both tabs taken off)


Step 1: Handle

This is the handle. Where your hand goes.

Picture 1: What you WILL make.
2: Make these. Make two more of each, just don't make them with white rods sticking out of them.
3: Get those. (If this is too hard maybe you shouldn't be building this XD)
4: Put those things on the other things.
5: Put the other ones on.
6: put these on each side. Note the broken Y clips. They are optional.


Step 2: Plates

This is where the good looks are. 

1: Make this stuff..
2: and make all this. 


Step 3: Break!!!!

I got a real picture this time!
And this time you can actually eat it! JK, Unless you have superhuman powers...

Step 4: The Body

This My friends, is where the magic happens.
You must make this unless you want a non-functioning gun.

Picture 1: What you WILL make.
2: Make this. Look at Image notes.
3: Make/get all this. Please read image notes again.
4: Put the insides on.
5: get this!
6: Put it on!
7: Oops, I forgot to tell you to put this in here! Whatever, just add it. (ignore the other parts)
8: Put a small elastic where shown...
9: Put this thing on.
10: Put an elastic here. (I use a tripled up #64)

Step 5: BUILDING!!!

Yayz! The fun part!
Let's get building!

Picture 1: Get the handle and take these two parts off.
2: attach the handle to the body.
3: Put the rods back on.
4: Put these plates on the handle.
5: add these plates.
6: do the same to the other side just don't put the top plate on...
7: Put that white rod you saved earlier on the Y clip.
8: Now you can put the other plate on like shown!

Step 6: Extras

Well, you finished your gun. But WTF? It doesn't have a firing pin!

Picture 1: Make this. (no it's not the firing pin XD)
2: The pin. This one is not recommended. One with a female ball joint on the end and two grey clips on the pin is the one that is recommended.
3: add that thing on the front of the gun. (it doesn't clip into any of the connectors.)

DONE!!!!!! HAVE GUN! Oh, ya, remember that the ammunition is yellow rods with red connectors on them. NOW YOU CAN HAVE FUN!