Introduction: M21

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Finally, something new from me! It has been a while hasn't it. Well anyhow...

The M21 was first introduced to me by the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex (for Wii). Now, at first, this gun seamed lame, slow, and unimportant, but as I became engrossed in the game, I realized that it was a great gun. Not only was it accurate, it was cool looking, worked great with camouflage, and perfectly suited for the mission that Captain McMillan and Lieutenant Price had at hand. I am sure dr. richtofen likes the gun almost as much as I do, when it comes to game-play.

The M21 was, honestly, a hard build. It has taken me at least 7-10 tries for me to get this right, and it works well. Now lets move on to Pros and Cons:

Looks almost perfect
Great accuracy
Both the iron sights and the scope work at the same time
Feels great
Nice 'n' heavy
Mag holds up to 10 (block) rounds with ease (which is the exact same amount in the real gun!)
Can hold 20 rod rounds if wanted
Mag holds bullets in
Gets over 50 ft. (!!!)

Scope is not my design
Does shoot well with the barrel (all you have to do is take teh barrel off, and it makes the gun look cooler anyhow)

I may or may not post, but tell me what you think. Also, is it just me, or is this gun worthy of a sub or two?

Pleas rate, comment and subscribe!!!