Introduction: M4 Carbine, Knex

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The Classic Modern Assault Rifle

The M4 Carbine

This was posted on my Birthday (21st Jan) (even though it sais the 19th) :)

1.0 - Base Gun with no updates and no accessories

About my gun:

Credits to The Dunkis' for the (most excellent) magazine.

Based off of the M4 Carbine in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This is not an M4A1 Variant...


Model: M4 Carbine

Mechanism: Slide Action FPM

Range: 20-50 feet depending on Rubber Bands used… mine got 30 with one (loose/weak) #64

Magazine: The Dunkis’ (amazing) STANAG


Great looks


Stock is a little too large for my liking…

I don’t like the carrying handle…

Pieces Warning: This build may take up a lot of your pieces. It includes a large count of Y connector "Black Hands" - 25 in total. Also you'll need 8 half orange conns. Also, a black rod is recommended, but not required...

If you can, please take time building this.

I will look forward to seeing your comments.

And last but not least, please comment, rate, comment again, then subscribe :)

Step 1: ForeBarrel

just make..

Step 2: Grip/Tactical Rails

From now on i'll be just putting the pictures in and saying make...

just follow the pictures, its seriously not that hard...

Step 3: The Dunkis' Banana Magazine

Step 4: Stock/SlideAction


Step 5: Handle/Trigger Assembly

Step 6: Barrel

Step 7: Body

Step 8: The Inner Trigger Band

Just follow the video through and you should be good.

Can't see the embed?

Step 9: Assembly So Far


Step 10: Carrying Handle

Step 11: Final Assembly


Step 12: Attaching the Grip/Forebarrel...

heres both another forebarrel and how to attach it...

you'll need 4 green cons and 4 y connectors..

Can't see the video embedded?

Step 13: Done

there ya go guys

please note that MotaBoi's M4 and mine started off as a collaboration and that is why they have the same grip idea...

This is my Desert Eagle .50 model... it probably wont be posted as a full ible...

Also sorry about the lousy instructions for the AK and M4, I got really bored making them and i thought that writing the words over and over again is pointless.. especially as you guys can easily guess what im gonna say..