Introduction: M5Cam X M5Stack

This instructables show how to use M5Cam and M5Stack to make a wireless camera and monitor.

Step 1: Preparation

M5Cam & M5Stack

You can buy it at M5Stack Official store:

Lipo Battery

Lipo battery is optional if you just want power with USB cable.

M5Stack bundle with a small Lipo battery, you may buy a larger one at the store.

M5Cam not bundle with battery, I have a 802025 Lipo in hand so I use it. The 3D printed case should able to fit a 902030 Lipo.

Step 2: Optional: Soldering Lipo Battery

Soldering Lipo to the pins beside Grove socket, 2 pins is very close, beware don't short 2 pins together.

Step 3: Optional: 3D Print M5Cam Case

Step 4: Programming

Source code for M5Cam:

This is a esp-idf project, you require esp-idf to build it.

After you familiar esp-idf, simply 2 steps to program M5Cam:

  1. make menuconfig
  2. make flash

Source code for M5Stack viewer:

This is a M5Stack Arduino project, simply upload it with Arduino.

Step 5: Happy Monitoring!

Its time to show off what you have done with your friends!