Introduction: M72 LAW TagInn Airsoft Launcher ($70 DIY Build)

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This is a TagInn launcher (M72 variant) for Airsoft & Paintball. This video shows you how to assemble the components for the TagInn Launcher. All 3d printer files are located here for you to use. Please be safe when assembling this project, CO2 is a dangerous compressed gas when handled improperly.

Step 1: ​Build Process for TagInn M72 (WATCH THE VIDEO!)

This is a summary of what is shown in the video. Please download and print all 3d .stl files first! Watch the video tutorial and if you have any questions, let me know. Be safe and enjoy! If you liked this tutorial and want to help me continue developing concepts, please donate. Please Donate THANK YOU!

1. 3d Print all files & clean up edges (light sanding)

2. Test fit large components (sand if needed)

3. Cut ABS pipe 12” (11” and 13” sections)

4. Notch ABS Pipe for Gas Shell (1-1/2”x6” notch approx. ½’ from end)

5. Assemble grenade shell holder

6. Replace gas valve on TagInn Shell

7. Test gas fill valves and line for leaks (SAFELY!)

8. Install grenade retainer 2

9. Install top screws on Pegasus section

10. Install gas valve mount

11. Build grenade trigger assembly

a. Push lower trigger mech through retainer

b. Install firing rod

c. Install upper trigger mech

d. Install lower retainer & lower trigger mech

e. Install spring

f. Install spring cap

g. Install trigger button top

12. Notch ABS tube for rear section

13. Drill 3/32 pilot holes all exterior locations

14. Install 4mm screws

15. Install spring and extension release lever

16. Notch extension and ABS tube

17. Install rear extension cover cap

18. Install extension stabilizer (sand as needed)

19. Measure and cut extension metal slide

20. Install extension metal slide

21. Install front sight lever

a. Lever first

b. Spring

c. Cap plate

22. Glue ABS piping

23. Install rear sight with spring

24. Install front sight with spring

25. Test!

Step 2: Parts List (see Attached Excel File)

Step 3: Parts Links

Parts list:

Compression Spring Oxide Finish (spring kit) $1.00

3d Print filament PLA+ (1kg Roll) $25.00

4-40 x 1/2" Button Head Socket Cap Screws $8.40

TagInn Rifled Shell CO2 $80.00

1' of 1/4" Macro line $6.00

ABS Pipe 2' 2" $4.00

ABS Pipe 1-1/2" x 2' $2.58

ABS hub Hub coupling $0.99

ABS Reducing Coupling $3.00

Aluminum slider $1.00

2" - 1-1/2" ABS hub Hub coupling $2.98

5/32 x 1-1/2"Roller Pins $0.47

Hillman Fasteners extension spring 540213, #71 $0.95

Push to Connect Straight Fitting 1/4" OD - 10-32 UNF Male $15.00

Push to Connect Straight Female Fitting 1/4" OD - 10-32 UNF Female $15.00

1/4"x 36" Aluminum rod $4.50

Set Screws $0.35

Step 4: Firing Launcher

Firing the launcher with 12g co2 refill and TagInn Pecker Rounds.