Introduction: M90A Shotgun

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This is the M90A shotgun from Halo 3. Have so much fun with my shotgun.

--Sorry everybody i have been saying that i would post all this stuff and i never did. i have recently gotten a new media station on my computer so i can post instructables now.-- Hope you enjoy my shotgun. Thanks N-Striker

Pros. :)
-uses 2 different barrel designs
-uses rare sear trigger
-uses 2 different body structure types
-break action
-can shoot a wide range of ammo

Cons. :(
-alot of peices used
-can malfunction when loading (rare)
-hard to cock back

P.S. Happy New Year!

Step 1: Parts List

Alright here is the parts list:

-yellow= 107
-white "snoflake"= 15
-blue= 12
-red= 20
-green= 5
-orange= 62
-special rollercoaster green 3 slot= 4
-dark gray= 6

-blue= 47
-white= 58
-red= 8
-small green= 152
-gray (sharpened)= 1
-yellow= 2

-3 rod panel= 4
-blue spacers= 38
-elbow connectors= 2
-Y clips= 17
-blue clips= 2
-tan clips= 1
-ball connector (ball + socket) = 1

Step 2: Handle

This is the part where you hold the gun.

Step 3: Trigger Mech

This is the sear trigger system. Instead of your ususal block triggers and true triggers, this is a change. (Nothing against them, of course :))

Step 4: The Under-Barrel

This is the part underneath the barrel.

Step 5: Under-Barrel Cont.

Not all the pics could fit in one step.

Step 6: Stock

This most likely the hardest/most complicated part. There is alot of connecting to do. But, it's really sturdy and comfortable, at the same time!

Step 7: Barrell + Last Pic From the Stock.

The barrel and the last pic from the stock. This might be the easiest step. (PHEW!).

Step 8: Barrel Cont.

barrel cont.

Step 9: Put It All Together

This is where everything fits into place.

Step 10: Rubberband Placement

This is where you put the rubber bands.

Step 11: How to Load.

Okay this step will tell you how to load the gun.

from a bb

to a grey rod!

In the video i sot three green rods.

Step 12: Thanks!

Thanks alot everybody and i hope you enjoy my gun!