Introduction: MAC_PAQ

take one MAC Classic (circa 1991) and a spare PIII compaq small form factor and you got a MAC_PAQ.
here is a quick run through to show what it took... not to much step by step though i'm affraid

Step 1: Disassemble

so get out your 12" star driver... and remove 4 screws - apply force and there you have it

Step 2: Analyze

this is the standard way to test size relations...
an old compaq small form factor en800 wins the size relation test :) (notice the small PSU too)

Step 3: Build

test fit time... try this try that - on the classic the connections are on
what x86 guys would call the wrong side so i flipped the MB - besides heat rises -
some of the power cables also played a role

being a big fan of use of what you have right... mounting hardware=PCI slot blanks

i of course want this to "appear as stock as possable" - thanks monster garage...
but i needed to stand off the MB - I drilled some holes and threaded in some stand-offsfilled the back (or outside) with some wood putty to fill the holes -

I also found a better place for the HD cage -

this will have to live on hard flat surfaces - because the psu vents through the bottom...

the back... a 64meg card will goto the TV - i ended up filling all the holes
with hot glue -(tape one side - then fill - dry ... remove tape = flush smooth surface)-
including the slit cut for the AGP card (fill 1/2 way = so i can put the sticker back on hehehe)

i also found i neat place for the power button and LEDS -
the LEDS are in the floppy slot and the power and reset button where punched through the bottom vent on the front cover - or - face

Step 4: Test

because you have to know if it'll work...

Step 5: Paint

i started off by priming this guy pretty good.. i say 2 - 3 coats - also i lightly sanded the surface to help everything stick...

i used what i had - crome for the inside... very shiny and a pretty nice black metal fleck for the outside

everything went well . . . but i had some problem spots on the outside because of the cold weather - no big deal and not to noticable from 2 feet or so...

Step 6: Enjoy

load it up and get busy
it was a mame machine for a bit but now it just sits... waiting to be used or upgraded or something...
the hole where the monitor lived has an acrylic sheet in front
i would like to add a 7" or so liliput but.. have havent revisited this in awhile

hope you enjoyed this :)

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    12 years ago on Introduction

     ooo  a mac lol im useing one now but its the newest mac book pro lol


    13 years ago on Step 6

    I reaally like this mod! I have myself also a Mac - same model - at home, thinking about to mod it kinda this way... Hopefully I can use the standard screen as real working screen :D

    Lonnie W
    Lonnie W

    13 years ago on Introduction

    Why would he want to down-grade a perfectly good Mac? I suppose if the Mac had passed-on to the great Apple tree in the sky, it would be ok. I have one of these little Mac Classics and he still works. I'd never consider a mod like this on a working Classic Mac but that's just me.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    I did a mod like this using a mac mini and a the screen from a portable DVD player, if I knew about this site then I would have taken pics and made an instructable for it. I have a couple of the lifesaver iMacs and I'm thinking about doing a similar project.


    16 years ago

    This requires a very small LCD screen to replace the missing tube. How big was the screen? Looks like 12" or something... good luck finding an LCD that'll fit perfectly... Would be pretty nice, just for the sake of completeness.


    Reply 16 years ago

    9" is the size - i thought about adding a LCD - the 7" liliputs are getting close to the right price - the collection at work didnt go as planned -


    16 years ago

    I'd love to see some detail on the parts used and how you got them to fit.