Macro is a very useful thing since it helps us doing things faster. This project is about type a website link for you by just pressing a button which is a kind of macro. This project is for students in KCIS who often need to key in Managbac for checking school work, but you can also change the web link the machine types into your liking in the code given. In this project, I will guide you through how to make an easy macro by using Arduino.

Step 1: Supply List

Material list:

1: An Arduino Leonardo board with typing ability and a breadboard

2: A computer with the ability to run the Arduino program and has a USB port

3: 5 jump wires(male to male)

4: A resister of 10kohm for the button

5: A simple button that outputs digital signal

Step 2: Step 2: Step by Step

1: Connect the jumper wire to j-16 from pin 2

2: Connect the jumper wire to pin 4 to GND ( this will let the keyboard functions be activated)

3: Connect the jumper wire from i-20 to the positive side

4: Connect the jumper wire from j-14 to 5v

5: Connect the jumper wire from GND to the positive side

6: Connect the resistor from h-16 to h-20

7: Connect the Arduino board to your computer mentioned above in the supplies list, use the USB cable that often comes with the Arduino board to do so.

8: Download the code I wrote for this machine from this website (

8-1: Download the Arduino file and open it
8-2: run the file

9: You're done!

Side note: (if you can't download the file from the website, you can also copy the code and paste it into your own Arduino file, it will also works the same)

Step 3: You Are Complete!