MAGICAL Cat Feeder

Introduction: MAGICAL Cat Feeder


Step 1: What Do We Do?

Step 2: What Does It Do?

Step 3: What Does It Have?

Step 4: How Does It Work?

Step 5: How Was It Made?

Step 6: How Was It Programmed?


Step 7: What Could We Learn?

Step 8: References and Credits

Group Members:

Shujie Liu

Ran Yan

Sen Wang

Mingli Wang

Iruka & Zongzi

Links to online tutorials that helped us along the way:

DC Motors:

Servo Motors:

Ultrasonic Sensor:

Special Thanks to:

Daniels staffs for the lovely environment

Tim Hortons staffs for the coffees at 4am

Dominos Pizza for moral support

Lasercutter #1 and #5 at UofT Daniels Building

Pet Valu for selling delicious cat can food

A project dedicated to the Useless Machine assignment for the Physical Computing class at the Daniels Faculty.

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    Treasure Tabby
    Treasure Tabby

    2 years ago

    Love your idea but your title pic well, you really need a better pic that actually shows your protect off and at work by a cat. :).