Introduction: MAGKinetic Sculpture

Hello! This is our wonderful Kinetic Sculpture. a brief description on it is that it is 2 magnets attached to objects held back by strings. The strings acts as a force upon the magnets as well as gravity and arguably air! the strings are a perfect length to where the magnets attract each other enough to the point where the bottom magnet appears to be floating! it was a very simplistic and easy project anyone can do if they put the time into it!

Step 1: Step 1! Assembling the Wood!

gathering the wood was free! for they came from home depot! (not sure if paintsticks are free everywhere)

Step 2: Strings

That was the Most difficult part. leveling it and completely trying to get them straight was a challenge because we lacked some of the tools needed. and the weight distribution was hard to get going! luckily we made it even by putting pieces of tape until it leveled off straight!

Step 3: Fun Fact !

This is actually the prototype to what we have finished with! we used the same concept of floating magnets but spiced it up a little!

Step 4: Making Sure Ever Piece Is Well Fit and Snug!

This was the fun part (to me of course not my partner) which was the challenge of building something simple yet advanced! challenging Events normally fuel my determination to complete it in a better manner!

Step 5: Step 5 Final Touches

Our final touches were paint and pretty much completely rebuilding it!

Step 6: Before and After