Introduction: MAGLEV Magnetic Levitation Train Model

Difficulty of realization 9/10

Step 1: How It Work

This experiment has been challenging, but in the end he gave me satisfaction. The operation is not exactly equal to that of the true MAGLEV but a little resembles. Between the train and the tracks there is magnetic repulsion bound by two transparent plates attached to the train.

The wind propulsion is made with a 12V fan for car. The current is transmitted to the train with sliding contacts.

Step 2: How It Make

The video shows all the steps of the building and I used all recycled materials found at home.

By train:
1) rigid cardboard (where attachment magnets)
2) thick sheet of Plexiglas 4mm
3) the support of a NAS (the piece of plastic to which the Plexiglas plates are screwed)

4) a 12v car fan
5) a piece of cardboard tube of absorbent paper in which I insert the fan
6) a piece of plastic wrapping in which insert the cardboard tube
7) double-sided tape
8) 2 electrical cables to make the sliding contacts
9) an electrical terminal
10) 20 neodymium magnets of 15x4x4mm size, magnetized perpendicular to a 15x4 side

For 3 meters rails:
1) of sheet metal bars that are used for the construction of walls in plasterboard
2) insulating tape
3) 360 neodymium magnets of 15x4x4mm size,

The most important measures for the construction are the following
1) electrically isolated 2 tracks, you have to avoid the short circuit
2) the magnets positioned on the tracks must be at the minimum possible distance, 2mm
3) the distance between the plates of the train plexyglass must be slightly greater (1-2mm) of the width of the rails

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