This is my first intructable that I post,I hope you enjoy :D

I like quadcopter but I like more 3d printing, so with the contest to win a form1+ I had to build this project if you like it please vote

It´s a little quadcopter that you could build with a form1. You could also build with an FDM 3d printer but the drawing is optimized for Form1+.

In this model that you have for download, you dont have the legs, I´m working that out for a better design configuration :)



The frame is designed with the previous components dimensions :D

The frame is divided in some parts:

- we have the center frame that will support your board, battery and help you manage the cable

- we have the wings, that will be added the motors

- Propellers protector will be attached to the wings

- Formlabs front logo

- We will have legs to assemble to the model :D

Very important

The parts are not solid, as you could see in the image, this makes a lighter frame, and off course you don´t waste resin

Oooohhh it will brake!! no it will not! I was at the 3d print show in London, I saw with my hands some models, and I have one for my self :D, and it´s a very strong print, so dont be afraid :D

I also have seen in the internet that fablabs resin is the strongest expeciality the black resin ;)


First of all, safety

Formlabs resins have been designed to be as safe as possible, but nevertheless, working with them requires care, similar to working with common adhesives or household cleaners. They have no strong odors or volatile solvents so special ventilation is not required, though skin contact should be avoided.

- use Gloves when you drop resin in the tank, and when you are finishing the printed part

- Ethanol is good to clean the printed part,

- Paper towels are always helpfull :D

- if resin get´s in contact with your skin, clean it with water and soap

some tips for finising in formlabs website


To make a 3d print help guide I installed Preform from formslabs website.

Start printing the center frame

Thee center frame is better to print like you see in the image, the final object will structure his self, and the print will be more concentrate in a shorter space of the resin tank because of the clouding of rasin tank.

Note: always use the back of the objecto to print to recive the support

Printing the wings

You have 2 files, “wings 1” and “ wings 2”

note: You must print 2 of each file, to assemble

Because of the clouding of resin tank we must change the locations of the print object, so this print´s we will move out of the last print as possible. (see the image)

Printing the propellers protection

See the image for positon tip, don´t forget to move the location of all prints

Front formlabs logo
Finally printing the front of the quadcopter with formlabs logo

Use all tips above :D


Note : Printing with the form1+ will let you print the hole and use a screw to assemble all parts of the frame.

The frame was designed with holes already spaced to match the motor mounts.

Use an m3 thread-cutting screws designed for plastics to assemble the frame

I give colours to each part to help you understand

Start to assemble blue with black (wings + center frame)

at the front, you have 2 screws that sould be bigger so you could assemble yellow, blue and black ( fablabs logo + wings + center frame) with the same screw.

note: leave the propellers protect assemble to the final


- Start by adding the 4 motors to the wings frame

- Connect the ESC to the motor and guide the wires to center frame (use cable ties to help you guide the wires)

- Attach 2 loop of velcro to the 2 big crossbar´s ( see the image,) on the center frame, do it so you could assemble the battery under the frame, using the 2 loop of Velcro.

Note : the loop of Velcro is held by using 2 zip ties on the crossbar

- Attach the kk2.0 board to the frame

Her is a link from another instructuble guide, made by eben89 that´s great to help you configurator the kk2.0, because I don´t have fotos of the project I think it´s best way to help.

- attach the propelers to the motors

- attach the propelers protector with a screw to the wings frame

hope you enjoy :D

Please vote and like if I missed anything please let-me know

have fun printing and flying!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi seamster, infortaly I didn´t print all the parts because I dont have an stereolithography 3d printer, I made this model for the form1+ contest so if I win 1 of the 3 3d printers, I will print and make videos printing and flying :D

    as an industrial designer and as 3d print hobbiest, I could secure tou that it´s possible to print and build the model

    because of the final weight of the frame it works better in SL, SLA or a DLP process instead of FDM or FFF but it is possible to make in FFF ou FDM process


    7 years ago on Introduction

    So.. Did you actually print all the parts and physically build this? If so, I'd love to see how that turned out, and a video of it in action!


    7 years ago on Step 3

    So, what happens if we use PLA? Not so strong... won't work?! Anyone?

    Hi, I have a question, please do you already finished legs for quadcopter? I will try to printed it as soon as possible so I wanted print all parts :) thank you answer

    struth novo
    struth novo

    7 years ago

    Hmmmm I predict he very famous instructable