Introduction: Make Your Own Simple Pop Phone


Make your own very very simple

radiation free handset…..

Materials you needed,

· Old telephone receiver

· Telephone spring cord

· 3.5 mm headphone with mic (4 pole)

· 8Ω 0.5w small speaker

· Soldering iron

· Glue

· Wire stripper

Step 1: Old Telephone Receiver

(Take the cover off)

Step 2: Receiver Spring Cord

(cut off one end)

Step 3: Speakers (8 Ohm)

Step 4: Old Headphone With Mic

4 pole headphone jack........

Step 5: Wiring....

glue the 8 ohm speaker to the top of the receiver

Step 6: Cut and Solder.....


Cut the left or right speaker wire of head set and solder it to the 8 ohm speaker. (For eg:if you wish to cut the left , connect the positive and negative to speaker and leave the right.)

Step 7: Glue the Headset Mic at the Speech Side of the Receiver

Step 8: Now the Cord

Glue one end of

the spring cord (with Rj 45 connector) to the receiver and enter the headset wire through it.

Glue or tie the
other end of the cord to the headset pin.

Remember; Here
the telephone cord is not a part of working circuit, just used to get the looks!! lol

Step 9: Finished Product

Put the cover back and you have a finished product-tadaa!!!!

Can be used with every cell phones……..

The speaker is very powerful….

Very easy to made….

Can make radiation free calls...protect your ears from heating up due to long time calls...

hope you like this idea!!

thanks for viewing my page....

please share it......

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