This instructables will help you to build the setup of the dimmable panel mount LED, for that we have used the below listed materials .

Below are the list of materials used you can refer the diagram1 and diagram2:

  2. Size of box 21cmX21cm (this depends on the size of the panel mount led).
  3. Panel mount dimmable LED.
  5. SPST ON/OFF Switch
  6. 2 pin Berg connector
  7. 2 pin socket
  8. wire
  9. White card sheet
  10. Butter paper
  11. Glue
  12. Cutter blade

Step 1: Making Outer Body of Box

Take the box and cut the top of the box according to the measurement of the led panel so that once the led is placed in the box the light of LED should be visible.After the top layer of box is cut, cut the butter paper according to the measurement of the inner side of the box and stick the white butter paper from the inside of the box as shown in the diagram3, keep it for some time to become dry.

Take the white card sheet and cut the white card sheet to cover the side of the box as shown in the diagram3a.In that top image card sheet is stick to the box , leaving the gap for the LED display.Below image shows the box after sticking the white sheet to the box.

Step 2: Assembly to Fit in Box

Make the hole to pass the wire for power supply, also make the hole to fit the switch whichever you want to fix to the board as shown in the diagram4. Put the let driver and wifi single triac module in the box and attach the virtual switch to the box and make the neccessary wiring connection.(For virtual switch connection and wiring connection please refer the Wifi single traic instructables) Arrange the thermocol in the box below the LED panel so that LED display we not move as shown in the diagram5.The sequence1 is thermocol arrangement and sequence2 shows that the led driver and wifi single triac is placed and in sequence3 you can see final arrangement.The diagram6 shows the how the box will look after placing Panel mount LED.

Step 3: Final Working

The diagram7 shows the final view of product after arranging everything.Now power the whole setup to 230VAC with the 2 pin socket and configure the wifi board (For configuration refer the Wifi single traic instructables).The diagram8 shows the final dimming of the panel mount LED.