Introduction: MAKING a LARP AXE!!!!!!!

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Hey Y'all for this project you will need.

1.High-density EVA foam

2.pine 2x4x3

3. Leather

4. Hemp cord

5. Thread

Step 1: Your Template and Tracing

Your template is totally up to you. I chose this because i wanted to have an understanding of the fighting style they were used for. Anyway find your template and trace it onto your foam

You can get the foam at

Step 2: Cutting Out Your Axe Head

You can use many different tools to cut out your axe head I used a "scroll saw" but another option is a "coping saw".

I suggest taking it nice and slow so you don't make mistakes you need to fix down the road. Try to avoid making the blade to thin.

Step 3: Grinding and Shaping

When grinding take great care not to make your blade to thin. I only made the lines noticeable.

I'm using my belt-sander for this, if you don't have one files will work just fine.

Just make somewhat wide sweeps to keep a consistent edge .This is my favorite part

Step 4: Drilling and Cutting Your Axe Head

I know I've said take great care like 10 time but with this especially TAKE GREAT CARE . Drill a hole in the axe head and attach your coping saw. Saw both sides and it should come right out.

Step 5: Paint

I have been "experimenting" , by experimenting i mean being to lazy to look up the best way to do it , anyway id id a coat of black primer, next I did a coat of chrome then black over-spray. next i did 2 coats of semi-gloss acrylic sealer.

If you have a better way of doing it please let me know.

Step 6: the Shaft

To make the shaft all ya need to do is rip down a 2x4 in half . Next you need to use a "planer" or a "draw knife" and bring it down to where its comfortable in your hands. Cut where your axe head can fit snug*don't know the cool name for it*. Then simply use your favorite stain, what i used was "espresso".

Step 7: Shaft Details

Now we need to attach the head. it should a tight fit but don't worry if it doesn't take you five minutes to go on * laughs hysterically* . The next steps are optional i did a very tight hemp cord wrap that took me FOREVER but it was worth it, it added a ton of character. And if you have a makers mark slap it on there.

Step 8: the Final Details

I also made a leather piece to add ascetic value to this axe and it might help in the long run for fighting with.

Step 9: Enjoy

I sent this axe to a fellow YouTuber his name is "Jake Makes" if ya want to check him out

Im sure he would appreciate it

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