Introduction: MANGA BASICS " Naruto "

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." -Thomas Merton-.There is people who see that drawing is something difficult to do.  Do you think it's hard if we try to learn drawing step by step with photos?  Our character is a very famous Japanese ninja and one of the most popular Anime in the world.  Naruto is based on one-shot comic which was published around 1997 than transformed into a Manga in 1999 then the Manga adapted into an Anime series in 2002 and continued its journey until our present time.  We're going to learn how to draw a Manga character called " Naruto"  in a very easy steps.

Step 1: The Basics

The Basics

     Here we're going to start as you see in the photo with drawing an oval shape then line the half of it from the top to the bottom, this will help to make your drawing easier. Next, we draw two lines from the left to the right with 2 to 3 Cm space between each, then one line which spaced from the bottom about 4 Cm. An H pencil will do better in the basics if you have one.

Step 2: The Invisible Eyes

Drawing The Eyes

     Now, we begin to draw an eye between the two lines in the middle, this will help you to draw the visible two eyes one on the right and one on the left .  If you measure the area between our two eyes, you'll find that in the majority of people it is the same distance and size of the true eyes, that's why it will help you to draw a realistic eyes.

Step 3: The Rest of Features

We add hair, eyebrows, the ears and Face details .

   Now, it's the turn to draw hair, eyebrows, ears and some facial details.  You have to choose which style you're going to into the hair.  For now, we're going to choose a spiky hairstyle, and that's the style for our character Naruto, and also this is a very common style for Anime characters.  When it comes to brows, make sure to hide them beneath the hair; this is to make it easier for beginners and we actually doing this step to this particular character, and for ears also to make it more easier with this following trick, you can go back to the two lines we draw earlier and start from the upper line until you get to the lower one and the same for the other side of the oval shape.   At the end of this step, we're going to add some important details to his face, try to draw three lines as Naruto is known to have these scars in this series.

Step 4: The Main Accessories

Decoration the character , Neck, cloth 

     Naruto is famous also for his hairband, try to begin with drawing a rectangle shape between the brows and the hair, and you can continue with drawing the logo that printed on his hairband. Next, you can imagine a dot in the center of each eyes and try to link until you pass through the jaw, this will result in drawing the neck, after establishing the neck you can remove the marks you made to measure. Finally in this step, draw an opposite-unclosed oval shape -from the upper part- under the jaw, look like a turned C letter whose borders are opened to the up ( more like an oval smiley face ).  This will create a rounded high nick shirt for Naruto.

Step 5: Defining It All

The defining, end the drawing .

     It's an easy step, remove all the basics lines we did in the measuring, then take a black pen or a very sharp dark pencil and it must be  BH, BH1 or BH2 anything more than the H type, and start lining those blurred lines and redefine them to set the details .

Step 6: Shadowing and Coloring for a Realistic Character

Coloring, draw shadows .

Before coloring any area, make sure you know where the shadow is located.  Shadowing is very important to make the drawing character more alive and give you more realistic effects. Be smooth with your shadows to make it look prettier, And there's something important to do set the right shadows in the right places, try to put the drawing under a clear light to know where exactly you put those effects and shadows.

Finally, we'll have the result of drawing Naruto ; the drawing at first may seems hard but it so easier when you follow each step, and try to not jump to other the step unless you're finished from the current one, this will make it very organized and accurate . Everyone could try these steps and could draw anything if they learned the basics of drawing and painting and will be a helpful guide for anyone who wishes to draw something good by his own, especially when you're a Manga lover.