Introduction: MAP CASE From DUCT TAPE

Clearing the trunk of my car, I realized that I had amassed a PILE of maps and directions. Despite using a GPS when I can - I'd NEVER throw out those paper maps. You never know when your GPS battery will fail. Besides, sometimes its fun to just look at the maps and see what's around you.

Tools & supplies for this project:
2) cardboard (two, 10X10 inch squares)
3) two plastic shopping bags
4) one 30 inch shoelace
5) scissors

Step 1: Layout

Step 1:
Set your two cardboard squares about 1.5 to 2 inches apart on a surface that won't be damaged by the duct tape. I used a 'self-healing' cutting board laid out on the family washing machine. (It was raining and I didn't feel like running out to the garage to do this.)

Step 2: Taping

Step 2:
Cover the cardboard with duct tape (neatness counts).
Oh - before you start taping - lay the shoestring down the middle of the two pieces of cardboard. Tape over it. If you do this part right, you'll have about 9 inches of lace hanging off of each end. You'll need this to tie the case shut, later.

Color outside the lines: the duct tape should overhang the cardboard by about an inch all around.

Step 3: Flip the Case

Step 3:

Flip the case over.
It should now be sticky side up on your work surface.
Notice that I didn't follow my own advice about an inch overhang all'round. (*sigh*)..

Fold the overhanging tape over the raw cardboard edges. Add tape as necessary if you didn't leave enough overhang.

Cover the gap of sticky tape between your cardboard cavers with more duct tape and tape the edges of the covers down to make sure they don't come undone.

Your map case should look something like a binder by now...

Step 4: Adding the Pockets

Step 4: Adding the pockets

With luck, you'll have two shopping bags that are about the width of your cardboard when they are neatly folded. That's the size used by most convenience stores around here.

Start by placing the, flattened, bag over one of the cardboard covers, open end toward the center.

Tape down the bottom and two side edges of the bag.  You'll notice that I placed a few maps in the bag I was working with to give it some mass and keep it from moving too much while i was doing this.

After the sides and bottom are taped down, put a pice of tape acros the top of the bag. This tape should line up with the the edge of the cardboard cover below it. You'v now, created a 10X10 plastic bag pocket (same size as you cardboard) on one side of your map case. Cover it with duct tape and repeat this process on the other cover.

When you finish, you'l have two, sloppy, plastic bag pockets with their open sides facing each other at the center.

Step 5: Finishing the Map Pockets

Step 5: Finishing the pockets

We're almost done.

First; cut off the exposed tops of the plastic bags. Just a straight cut.

Then; Cut a 'swoopy' curve out of the front of each pocket.  You can be real clever and cut half of the curve out, then fold it over and use it as a template to make both halves of the curve symetrical. You would be more clever if you thought to do this when you cut the first pocket instead of not thinking of it 'til you were half way through the second pocket, like I did. (More clever yet, if you saved the cutout  from the first pocket and used it as a template to cut the second: *sigh*)

Notice from the pictures that I'm only cutting the front of each pocket and leaving the back as a straight cut. When your'e down cutting your curves, tape that straight edge down so you don't slip a map between the plasit and the cardboard.

Ideally, you have two duct tape pockets that are lined with plastic bag material and whose open end face each other at the center of the folder.

Step 6: Finished Map Case


Nothing to do now but add a pocket or two for pens (or not) and load it with maps for your next adventure.

The case ties securely with the shoelace that you tapded in, back at step 1, so nothing falls out while you're travelling.

I think the 'MK II' version will include a small, spiral-bound notebook taped between the pen pockets and an envelope taped to the outside for receipts, parkway toll tickets and suchlike.

Thanks for reading through my first effort at an Instructable...

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