Introduction: MAP MONSTERS

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Learning Geography can become more fun when students are encouraged to add an artistic touch. Map Monsters is a wonderful cross-curricular activity that I do with my students that incorporates Geography, or reading maps and visual arts. After learning a particular geographic of an area of the world the children look for monsters hidden along the borders of the countries! Using whatever drawing tools are handy the monsters begin to climb out of the map!
Students enjoy learning the objectives of art and geography through creative experiences.

Step 1: Supplies

Supplies for this project are very basic.  One needs a map and drawing (or / and watercolors) materials. I like to use assorted markers, colored pencils and metallic markers.

Step 2: White Out

Oh and white out (or acrylic paint) is perfect for eyes and teeth!

Step 3: First Step

First take a look at the map to find a monster image hidden somewhere along a countries border or deep in the mountains....

Step 4: Identifying Your Monsters

When you have found an image of a monster lightly draw over the map with pencil. When you are certain of your desired shape go over pencil drawing with a sharpie marker. 

Step 5: Adding the Eyes and Teeth

Next if my monster has eyes or teeth, mine usually do but yours do not have to!
I use white out to identify these features. 

Step 6: Adding Color

Using color pencil, watercolor and markers begin to fill in the creatures features with color and add detail.

Step 7: More Monsters

Finishing touches are added and this Map Monster is complete.

Step 8: More Monsters From Around the World!

Step 9:

Step 10:

Step 11:

Step 12:

Step 13:

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