Introduction: MC Ocelot & Wolf Trap (unique Design)

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Hello everyone, DIYWEAPONS here with another minecraft tutorial. Today i will be showing you what i believe to be a unique design for an ocelot and wolf trap in Minecraft. This is very handy if you want some Minecraft pets since ocelots in particular can be very hard to catch. I would like to say that if anyone wants to copy this design in another ible or YouTube video that is fine with me, (although some credit for the design would be appreciated:-)

To make this you will need: 29 ( i think) blocks of any type, a sticky piston, 2 redstone dust, a fence and a normal pressure plate

Step 1: The Base

Start by placing down 2 rows of 5 blocks with 1 block connecting them. Now build the whole thing up by one layer and add a fence one block from the back.

Step 2: Redstone

Dig the two blocks in front of the fence down by two and place down 1 redstone and 1 sticky piston as shown.

Step 3: Covering It Up

Place 2 of your choice blocks over the redstone and piston then place a pressure plate on the block next to the fence.

Step 4: Setting the Trap

To set the trap, either throw eggs or lure a sheep into the one block gap behind the fence (this will be the bait) and cover the whole thing up.

The way the trap works; when an ocelot/wolf is attracted to the chicken/sheep, it will walk in through the door and step on the pressure plate causing the sticky piston to push up the block behind it, thereby 'closing the door'.

I recommend setting several of these traps to have a good chance of catching something - having said that, i have, with only one trap, managed to catch 3 wolves in 2 hours.

I hope you all liked this tutorial, if you did, please comment, favorite and follow

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