Introduction: Microduino MCookie Music Player - Links Magnetically, LEGO® & Arduino-compatible

About: Microduino: small, smart, stackable Arduino compatible boards

I 'd like to share with you this easy to make mCookie Music player from Microduino. The entire project requires just 5 mCookie modules, which link magnetically to ensure that the right connection is always made. It can be programmed in an Arduino IDE development environment and integrated into existing Arduino sketches. Last but not least, mCookie can be stacked with all LEGO series products. With LEGO compatibility, it's easier than ever for beginners and children to get started with DIY electronics.


What You'll Need

1. mCookie-CoreUSB: It uses the same Java/C development environment with Arduino. Compatible with Arduino IDE development environment for programming.

2. mCookie-Audio: MP3 chip based on JQ6500 serial port mode, as well as thumbwheel and button-control mode to store your songs.

3. mCookie-Amplifier: The double-channel audio power amplifier, power-on noise offset and uni-gain stable.

4. mCookie-Sensorhub: that has twelve sensor interfaces integrated.

5. Microduino-BM: For battery charging and discharging management.

6. Microduino-Crash: Crash Sensor is used to detect crash, which can be divided to left-crash and right-crash regarding symmetry.

Other Equipment:

Speaker * 2

Battery * 1

Step 1: Stack MCookie-audio & Amplifier Modules Together

You can stack them together in whatever sequence and colors you like.

Step 2: Go on Stacking

Step 3: Connect Speakers

After you connect all modules (except sensorhub), simply connect speakers to the mCookie-Amplifier module.

Step 4: Connect Microduino-Crash Sensor

Connect Microduino-Crash sensor to mCookie-SensorHub. That's the final step!

Step 5: Voila!

Now, you have a working music player. You can create your own custom case to store it in and show it off to your friends!