ME 470 Project - Photoview 360

Introduction: ME 470 Project - Photoview 360

This tutorial will briefly cover the following aspects of Photoview 360 and Solidworks.

  • Appearances
  • Scenes/Preview
  • The Final Render

For this tutorial, I'll be rendering a simple 3 part assembly of a chisel.

Step 1:

Step 2: Appearances

Appearances are automatically applied on changing material, but this isn't always the appearance we'll want the part to have.

Step 3: Scenes/Preview

By far the easiest way to add lighting and a background for your part/assembly for rendering is to use a predefined scene. Scenes have lighting elements built into them and as a result cut down on the knowledge needed to make a realistic rendering of the part. It is possible to add your own custom lighting but unless you have an element in your part/assembly that gives off its own light, you usually won't need to do this.

Step 4: The Final Render

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