ME 470 Solidworks Design Tables for Parts

Introduction: ME 470 Solidworks Design Tables for Parts

Design tables are a useful tool in SolidWorks that allow for quick changes to parts as well as the creation of new configurations and the use of excel functions to drive dimensions. This tutorial will show the basics of design tables.

Step 1: Design Table Basics

Design Tables display information about the part in an Excel file for easy access. The numbers inside the design table can be changed and the part will be automatically updated. Nearly every aspect of the design can be found inside the design table including dimensions, materials, color, and even the mass of the object.

Step 2: Creating New Configurations Through Design Tables

Design Tables can be used to create new configurations as well. Simply input a new name in the first column and dimensions in each of the other columns and the new configuration will be made.

Step 3: Using Excel Equations in Design Tables

Because the design tables are run through excel it allows us to use functions that are native to excel to create configurations quickly. For example I can make the width equal the length and the total volume equal to 20 using simple equations rather than using constraints normally used in Solidworks.

Step 4: Suppression Using Design Tables

Design Tables allow for the use of the state command in order to suppress and suppress features in configurations. When an S is displayed the feature is suppressed and when a U is displayed the feature is unsuppressed.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you! Have a nice day!

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