I’ve been searching for the perfect milkshake recipe for ages. I’ve always wondered “How can I make an epic crazy looking milkshake” like the ones I’ve seen online. Of course, I tried many recipes but I never got to make an epic milkshake, rather just the ordinary three-ingredient milkshakes: milk, cookies, ice cream. Just like the ones you’d drink at your cousins house. However, one day the idea hit me, when I was walking with my mom to this crepe shop. Years ago, this shop hired the “cookie monster” to stand outside and guide visitors to their shop. However, this time, there was no “cookie monster” just the plain old “welcome to cookies n crepes” sign. So I decided “why not attempt to make something to replace the cookie monster, but at home”.

I decided to make a cookie monster milkshake that would make even the cookie monster say “Me want cookie milkshake”, “Om nom, nom, nom”.

I decided my milkshake would:

Be Instagram/photo perfect

Taste delicious

And won’t require a lot of time

In this instructable, I’m going to guide you to make the best tasting, looking, and creative milkshake that will look like its a load of work but actually is the opposite.

Step 1: Ingredients/Supplies

  • 1 Blender
  • 1 Glass
  • 1 Straw
  • 1 Spoons
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 plate (plastic)
  • A drop of blue food coloring
  • 3 scoops any ice cream(cookies n cream)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 3 oreo cookies
  • 3 chips ahoy cookies
  • Whipped cream
  • chocolate frosting
  • One Cupcake
  • Crushed oreos

Step 2: Preparing the Milkshake Glass

  • First, you would want a clear glass that would be perfect for your drink to be placed in.
  • Grab your milkshake glasses, your chocolate frosting, and a butter knife or rubber spatula and spread the frosting evenly around the top of the milkshake glasses.
  • Then, crush some cookies and apply them on the part of the glass covered with frosting.

I found that applying a thicker coat of frosting creates a better base for your cookie crumbles. If you don’t have enough on there, you will have not have much success with this step.

Also, make sure to save some cookies crumbles for the toppings at the end.

Step 3: Preparing the Ingredients for the Milkshake

Make sure you have:

  • 1 cup milk
  • 3 scoops of icecream
  • 3 oreos
  • 3 chip-ahoy
  • Blue Food coloring
  • blender

If you have an extra sweet tooth, you can even add sugar, chocolate syrup, or nutella. But I find that this works best because it ends up being perfectly balanced.

Step 4: Making the Milkshake

Grab your blender, your ice cream, milk, and cookies.

  • Begin by adding your 3 scoops of icecream
  • Then, add your 3 oreos cookies and 3 chips ahoy. Make sure you break them into pieces so that they will easily blend. Additionally, you can add as many cookies as you desire but I find that three of each will balance out all the extra sugar going in this.
  • Next, you will want to add your cup of milk.
  • Finally, blend all ingredients together

It is very important that you do not blend for too long because this will make your shake too thin and we want to make it thick. Surprisingly, I found out that blending the shake for only a couple of seconds is perfect since you will still be able to get the taste of crushed cookies when you take a sip.

Step 5: Time to Add Some Color to Your Shake

Now that you have your milkshake ready, you will want to make it blue by adding a few drops of food coloring. Make sure that it is blue food coloring to give off the color of the cookie monster.

Also, only add a few drops at first and then give it a blend in the blender. If you are unsatisfied with the color, you can add more drops of the coloring.

Make sure to blend the food coloring in the blender not with a spoon because the color will not be shown vividly if done otherwise.

Step 6: Pouring Your Shake Into a Glass

Now that your shake is prepared and is the blue, you want to pour it into a glass so that you can add the toppings to make it look epic.

Make sure not to fill the glass to the top since you will still need room for the extra toppings.

I find it important to not to overflow the glass because this would make assembling the toppings much harder

Step 7: Time for the Toppings: "The Fun Part"

Now that your shake is ready in your glass, you can begin to decorate it with your favorite toppings. To make it "Epic" begin by:

  • Grabbing your whipped cream and spiraling it on to your shake
  • Then, add your cookies. I find that adding two cookies is perfect since adding too many won't balance on the whipped cream and would eventually fall off. So one oreo and one chips ahoy cookie is the perfect balance.
  • Finally, make it even more epic by adding a chocolate cupcake on top. You can make these cupcakes at home too. But to save time and energy, you can use a store brought one just like I did.

Step 8: Adding the Final Touches

Ask yourself, "Does my milkshake look epic enough"

If the answer is no, then you can add more toppings. You can add sprinkles, chocolate syrup, cookies, chocolates, etc.

But I find that adding something light like crushed cookies helps to not tip over your toppings.

This will not only enhance your milkshake but it will make it look as if you've worked for hours making it when the reality is the opposite.

Step 9: Finally, Your Epic Shake Is Ready!!!!!!

The time that we all have been waiting for: your shake is ready. You can enjoy this with friends, family, neighbors, etc. Or you can indulge in it yourself which seems more likely.

Make sure to not leave it out for too long, or all your toppings will eventually melt and fall over. So it is best to consume it right after making it just like I did.

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Question 2 years ago

How in the world did you make that.


Answer 2 years ago

It is awesome!!!!!!

Penolopy Bulnick
Penolopy Bulnick

2 years ago

I just love that you put a cupcake on it :)