Introduction: MESH: Dancing Colors

Too lame to dance using your wii or other console because you found out that you really don't have to dance to get the top score? It's time to change it and turn it to the next level!

With my Dancing Colors using Mesh you can totally change your living room, bedroom or even your school stage to a concert type thing. Interesting isn't? Keep reading on how this would happen!

Step 1: Step 1. Supplies

MESH pouch: It is a pouch where the MESH tags will be place. It has an elastic strap where you can put it on your feet or in your hand. I used a felt sheet fabric, a elastic strap and some sewing kit to sew it all together. It is easy to sew and with the elastic strap you can adjust the length base on size of the ankle or your wrist. I also added some lock to make sure that the tag will stay inside the pouch while you are dancing. You can use a button but on my case I used a snap.

You can buy the felt sheet fabric, elastic strap (you can buy in small size, I got one yard just to make sure I will not run out), sewing materials such as thread, needles, and snap at your local craft store. I got mine at Joann Fabric store and you can use coupons as well. :)

For the MESH tag: Move, you can buy it on Amazon for $59.99.

MESH app can be downloaded in your android or ios device from Google play and Apple store. - search by MESH Sony so it is easy to find.

Step 2: Programming

  1. Open the MESH App. For first time users I would suggest to not SKIP the tutorial as it will helps you understand the surface of the app.
  2. Click the "+" button on the top left corner to add a new recipe.
  3. Click on the new recipe that you added
  4. Click the "ADD" "+" button on the top right corner to add your MESH tags. (this step can be skipped if you have already paired your tags in the app)
  5. Drag the MOVE tag onto the canvas
  6. Scroll down on the right side until you see "Expansion". Once you reach it, click "ADD" "+" and choose Philips Hue.
  7. A pop up dialog box will appear and choose "Start Setup"
  8. Follow the steps to link your Hue bulbs
  9. Once connected you can now Drag the Philips Hue icon onto the canvas
  10. One MOVE tag - One bulb
  11. Click the MOVE icon and it will ask you what type of trigger you want to apply. I chose "SHAKE" so it will trigger every time you move. I also set the Sensitivity to the full so it will detect my movements no matter what.
  12. Click on Philips Hue Icon to change the settings. Choose the specific bulb and the color you want it to process whenever the MOVE tag triggers it. (You can also change the brightness)
    • To add several colors on your hue bulbs you can add more Philips Hue Icon that can connect to your tag. (In the picture, I have four bulbs with two MESH tags. I connect the two tags to 3 Philips hue Icon but it plays on one bulb. Let's say hue bulb 1 will show red, blue and green if it triggers from the tag. You repeat the same process to the rest of the bulbs but different sets of colors in each bulbs so that it randomize the colors.)
  13. Once you set all the bulbs and your tags, test it out if it works.
  14. Once it works, IT's TIME TO DANCE!!

Step 3: Game Console

I used our old wii with the game just dance. Any console, dancing game should do. You can also be creative and take it to the next level by having it set up in your party and have some of the guest control the lights in the event while they are dancing on stage!! HAVE FUN and BE CREATIVE! :)

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