Our 14+ year Miele W463S (W461), had been asking for attention for sometime now. Wash cycles where as quiet as ever, every spin cycle however it would voice it's dismay by starting to vibrate and get noisy. After some Google-foo it became apparent that most likely the shock absorbers where wasted, so I decided that replacing them would be a good idea. Not being able to find an exact match for a repair guide/how-to I search some more and found a guide for the Miele W3203, judging from the pictures a similar model.


  • 10mm + 13mm socket spanners
  • extension bar for the sockets
  • 13mm ring spanner
  • T15 star drive
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Loctite
  • 2 new shock absorbers (spec's: 120 N - 8mm holes, e.g. Suspa for the 4500826
  • flash light
  • 2 liter container (approx 10 cm high)


Whenever working on electric appliances, UNPLUG!

Unplug the washer from the power supply. If necessary move to an more open spot to allow for freedom of movement.

Step 1: Remove the Kickboard

Open up the filter cover and drain the filter.

Remove the kickboard by removing the 2 white plastic plugs from the kickboard and unscrewing the 2 T15 screws.

You can now slide the kickboard to the left and take it from the slots.

Unscrew the 4 T15 screws hidden behind the kick board (2 left + metal washer, 2 right + metal washer), you can ow slightly pul the front forward (1~2 cm's)

Step 2: Unscrew Door Locking Mechanism

Unscrew door locking mechanism by loosening the 2 T15 screws. The locking mechanism is held in place by a plastic bracket extending out from the left side of the washer.

Step 3: Loosen Rubber Seal and Remove Central Bold

Use the needle nose pliers to remove the retaining ring which holds the rubber seal in place (above the central bold is a spring which pulls the metal ring into a groove). Be sure not to damage the rubber seal, push it into the washing trommel.

Remove the central bold using a 10mm socket spanner

Slowly and carefully pull down the facia of the washing machine, it will release front the top retainers and come down. To avoid damage to the front plate or your floor, place and old ragg and let the front cover rest on that.

Step 4: Remove the Old Shock Absorbers and Put in the New

On the right side the shock absorber is clearly visible, on the left however it's obscured by the filter module and rubber piping.

Unscrew the bold at the base of the shock absorber using the 13mm socket wrench, the extension rod comes in handy so you can actually turn the socket from outside of the washer (saves on cuts)

The left hand side absorber is quite a nuisance to remove but with some patience shouldn't be too much of a problem

Replace both shock absorbers (barrel up) and add Loctite to the nuts.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Reverse the dismantling procedure.

When reseating the front panel make sure that the orange emergency door release feeds back through the slot behind the filter door. And be careful not to trap any tubing on the right hand side or electrical wires running to the front plate and chassis.

Perform a test run and check for leaks,etc.

Enjoy the silence!