MIG Fire Safety

Introduction: MIG Fire Safety

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There are many safety precautions to consider when welding.

If you are welding in the Pier 9 Workshop, the fire code requires a fire watch policy.

  • After welding, users must return the welding area twice to check for signs of fire.
    • Return to the area 30 minutes after welding.
    • Return again, 30 minutes later.

This policy is wise to follow in all welding studios, be sure that there are no flammable materials within your slag-zone.

Step 1: Protecting Yourself


  • Long sleeves and pants - natural fibers or leather
  • Leather shoes
  • Long gauntlet leather gloves
  • Welding hood - shade 10 or darker


UV exposure will cause painful burns, similar to a sunburn.

  • Cover all skin from arc flash, at all times.
  • A full welding hood, at least #10 or darker, must be worn at all times.
  • All people in the welding area must wear all protective gear.
  • Fully surround the area with welding screens at all times.

Step 2: Welding Coated Metal

Metal with coatings like paint or powdercoat can emit harmful gases when heated.

  • Grind off all coatings before welding.
  • Use the fume extractor when grinding and when welding.
  • Never wear gloves when grinding.
  • Grinding or welding of galvanized material is not allowed.

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