Introduction: MINECRAFT How to Play

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Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows you to interact with an immense, randomly generated world. What you can do is infinite, as nothing is ever the same each time you start a new world.

This Instructable will help you step-by-step to start off with Minecraft and progress in it.

Step 1: Collect Oak Wood

The first step is to gather some oak wood. You can do this by rapidly clicking on the nearest tree bark. Collect a lot of wood to get started, because it comes in very handy.... As soon as you get enough oak wood, make Crafting Table.

Step 2: Kill Animals

Yes, I know it sounds bad, but animals provided us with raw food (meat). There are a variety of animals you can find in Minecraft.

The pig gives you meat,

The chicken, well, gives you chicken,

And the sheep gives you meat AND wool. This wool is very important for the next step.

All the food you have collected helps you to heal a little. Also, try not to look into their eyes while killing them!

Step 3: CRAFT!!!!

Now the part you all have been waiting for, Crafting. To start off make a crafting table, fill 4 corner the grids of the 3x3 table in your inventory with wood. Now you have a crafting table. Use it to make pickaxe, axe, shovel, sword and many more such things. To know how to make them, refer to the pic.

Step 4: Home

By now it must be evening or night. This is the time zombies, skeletons ,spiders, etc come out. You don't want to mess with them now. To survive the night, make a home. Start by selecting a plain land which is close to a mine shaft. If it is already dark, don't waste your time and make a bed. A bed is your respawning point which even helps you to survive the night. Then, in the morning make your home. You can use Creative Mode for this.

Step 5: Mining

Mining is the most exiting part of Minecraft according to me. I told you to build your home near a mine shaft for easy accessibility. Right now you have a wood pick axe with the help which you can mine Coal and Cobble stone, Red stone and Lapis. Once you get enough Cobble stone, upgrade your tools and possessions. When you upgrade your pick axe, you can mine more stuff; like-

Wood Pick Axe > Cobble stone

Stone Pick Axe >Iron Ore

Iron Pick Axe > Gold Ore

Gold Pick Axe > Diamond Ore

Diamond Pick Axe > Everything Faster

You need a Furnace to convert the ore into use able metals.

Step 6: Gear Up and Get Ready

Now that you are equipped with many things, it's time to prepare ourselves. Build armors to protect yourself from zombies or such night crawlers. Once you are done, be prepared to fight zombies. Even though they are bad and some what scary, they give you many experience points. So go ahead and kill 'em!

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