Introduction: MKPV1 Instructions

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Do you need a compact knex weapon that can fit in you pocket? Are all the other choices too large or heavy for your mission? Do you hunger for a slim, light, and comfy pistol that you can use to take out foes at closer ranges? Then this is the right gun for you. If you need a repeater that shoots 100+ feet with a great ROF, probably not. But what makes this so special is that it is Corgi approved. And yes, that IS my dog. He looks better in real life, but you get the point. Now the name is sorta embarrassing. While MKPV1 sounds pretty awesome, it just means "Mini knex pistol version one," which is pretty lame. So don't complain about it.

Some simple stats:

Range: 50+ feet with three bands

Capacity: One

Handle: Small, yet comfy

Ammo: Any rod larger then a green

Reliability: High

So now that you are completely convinced you need this pistol, let's get right to the parts list! (If you don't build this, my dog will hunt you down and bite your ankle. [He can't reach much higher] LOL, maybe not, but I would watch out if I were you, because you never know when my fence may fall down and my dog may escape.)

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Step 1: Parts List!

Ok, so I spent time counting the pieces so you know if you have enough. However, I did a pretty quick job of it, so it might not be 100% accurate. Still, it is much better then nothing.

Green rods: 35

White rods: 20

Dark grey cons:5

Light grey cons: 2

Red cons: 3

Green cons: 6

Brown cons: 5

Hinges: 2

Little black wheels: 2

Y clips: 12

Blue clips: 3

Tan clips: 2

Cut white: 1 (Not needed)

Rubber bands: 7 (More or less, depending on how you band the gun. I would recommend 3 size 64's for the pin, 1 size 64 for the handle, 1 size 32 for the trigger, and 2 little bands for the impact thingy and the bullet lock.)

Step 2: Build These Bits

No text really needed. Build these parts. The next step is just as easy.

Step 3: Putting the Bits Together!

So, just follow the pics and read any image notes, ok? Sorry about how the pics are all over the place, my bad.

Step 4: Rubber Bands!!

This gun is pretty fiddly when it come to rubber bands. The way I have placed the bands isn't the best, so mess around with it until it works for you.

Step 5: Shooting

This part is easy. Pull back the pin all the way, you should hear a soft "click." Then place a rod in the muzzle just far enough in to make the bullet lock catch the rod so it doesn't fall out. Here is the really fun part. Aim at a target (not your sibling) and pull the trigger. If it is built right and the bands are in the right position, a little piece of plastic should fly a considerable distance with reasonable accuracy for a couple dozen feet before totally losing accuracy. It can shoot farther, just not very straight.

If you have made it thus far, thank you for building and rest assured my dog will not harm you in any way. If you haven't built it, well... we never know. JK