Introduction: M.O.A.W. 3d Printed RC Crawler

Hi guys,

this is my take on a 3d printed RC car. To be precise, it's a rock crawler. I call it M.O.A.W. which stands for motor on all wheels. It is a fairly simple design and intermediate hobbyist should be able to build it.

The .stl files can be found on Thingiverse. I used PLA with 100% infill for all parts. You will also need to enable support except for the hubs. Make sure you print the hub 4 times, and the body twice (you need to mirror the second one in your slicer).

Have fun and enjoy!


Step 1: Prepare the 3d Printed Parts

  • Print all .stl files. Use PLA or PETG with 100% infill. For best results use 0.1mm resolution. You need to enable support for all parts except "hub".
  • Print "hub" 4 times
  • Print "body" twice. Mirror the second body in your slicer.
  • After printing remove the support.

Step 2: Install Motors

  • Solder wires to the motors.
  • Insert the wired motors into the hubs.
  • Glue the hubs with motors on both the front and rear axle.

Step 3: Install Axles

Start with the front axle:
  • Install the servo arm on the front axle. Mount the arm on the servo.
  • Install the servo with the front axle on the chassis.
  • Hide the servo and motor wires in the chassis.

Continue with the rear axle:

  • Use a 12mm M2 screw and nut to install the rear axle on the chassis.

Step 4: Install Electronics

  • Solder all the motor wires together. Attention, the motors on the right-hand side need to be reversed! Attach a plug to connect to the ESC.
  • Connect Servo and ESC to the receiver. Connect the battery to the ESC.
  • Turn on and test the correct functioning.
  • In order to safe space you can decease the receiver and shorten the wires. There is not much space inside the body.
  • Mount 1 side panel ("body"), use M2 12mm screws. Fit all electronics inside with exception of the battery. Mount the second side panel. Ensure that the battery wire sticks out of the body.
  • Use a zip tie loop to mount the battery on the back of the chassis.

Step 5: Finished

Congratulation! You can now have fun with your RC crawler! It is a very capable climber, gradients of 45° are no problem at all.